Arup is a classically trained contemporary realist visual artist. He was born in 1979 and stayed until his early 20s in India, in Kalyani close to Calcutta. Growing up in a little green town, he got inspired by observing nature.
In his portraits, Arup reveals the individual character of each human being independently of their social status, upbringing, and education. Behind every visual appearance, there is a true self which Arup tries to surface in his paintings and drawings.
As an artist, Arup seeks to understand his subjects more than just simply reproducing them on a canvas. As for Arup, a portrait or a landscape both need equal empathetic sensibility to build a bond between the subject he portrays and the viewer.
Current Atelier
Hamburger Hof Passage
Jungfernstieg 26-28
20354 Hamburg
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