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Landscape painting meets artificial intelligence

The painting exhibition “#FastestGrowingForest” by the Hamburg-based Indian artist Arup J. Paul presents hand-painted paintings and images created by artificial intelligence (AI) with motifs of northern German forests and landscapes. In his studio in Hamburger Hof from November 10th to December 3rd, the artist will give an insight into how artificial intelligence can be used in the creative process.

New Works from the series #FastestGrowingForest

The artist and creative technologist already made a name for himself in the spring of this year with his pioneering exhibition “#FastestGrowingForest” in the Wälderhaus, in which AI and classical painting were combined. Now, six months later and with an expanded data model, he shows new results from this innovative experiment.

AI and painting for nature

The exhibition “#FastestGrowingForest” deals with the forest habitat, which is increasingly threatened by rapid urbanization and the effects of climate change. The images show the beauty, magic and vulnerability of this unique habitat. The artist combines the latest generative AI technology and classical painting. The artist spent months creating and training an AI model with gigabytes of his digitized oil paintings, which analyzed his works for style, brushstrokes, composition, color palette and technique.

The artist says: “Exploring the intersection between the natural world and the digital realm, this exhibition is a visual symphony that intertwines the past, present and future. I have sought to use technology to evoke new art forms that push the boundaries of creative expression, to question the very nature of art making and perception.”
“#FastestGrowingForest” challenges visitors’ perceptions and at the same time opens a window to a new dimension of art creation.

Opening on November 10, 2023

“#FastestGrowingForest” will be on view at Atelier Paul im Hamburger Hof from November 10th to December 3rd, 2023. There will be a vernissage with the artist on November 10th at 7 p.m., to which the public is cordially invited.

About Arup J. Paul

Arup J. Paul is a multidisciplinary artist and creative technologist. He studied portrait and landscape painting at the Birla Academy of Art and Culture in Kolkata. In his artistic work he also experiments with artificial intelligence and augmented reality in order to explore the limits of interactive expression in art and to combine them with analogue art forms. Through his art, he is committed to sustainability, an inclusive, multicultural society and the integration of innovative technologies in the visual arts. The Indian artist lives in Hamburg.

The exhibition is part of the India Week Hamburg 2023
and was funded by the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Kultur und Medien. 

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