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A presentation by Arup J. Paul about the potential of generative artificial intelligence in the visual arts and the creative industries

Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, the topic of artificial intelligence has increasingly come into the public eye. Midjourney, DALL·E and ChatGPT have made the use of generative AI accessible to many people and thus democratized it. But what does the term generative AI mean?
In his presentation, Arup J. Paul gives an introduction to the topic of generative AI specifically for the visual area. He goes into how the stable diffusion, text-to-image model works and how generative AI can be used in the creative industries. He presents commercial use cases to highlight both the achievements and the downsides of this innovative technology. In addition to the well-known tools, he shows results from two art projects for which he developed customized data models. In FastestGrowingForest, the artist created his own AI model with his digitized oil paintings and thus taught the AI machine to paint like him. In Not A Photograph, the artist explores how much empathy an image created by a machine can evoke through a variety of analogue-style fine art photographs.

Find out more about the project #NotAPhotograph

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