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Keynote Speaker at the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum 2024in Mumbai / India

AI can be a powerful tool for creativity, art, and expression. In this session, we will explore how GenAI can maximize our creative prowess in crafting visual stories, music, and art, elevating the narrative experience. Experience the nuances that custom GenAI can unlock in art, touching depths of storytelling unlike ever before.

About Arup J. Paul

Arup J. Paul, born in 1979, hailing from Bengal’s Ganges, epitomizes the fusion of European art tradition and cutting-edge Creative Technology. Trained in Florence and seasoned in Berlin, he’s a pioneering portrait and landscape painter based in Hamburg Germany, blending nature-inspired artistry with AI innovation. An accomplished Creative Technologist, Arup’s work garnered international acclaim, earning him a patent in 2017 for his UID (Unique Identifier) invention which transformed interactions between the physical and digital realms, recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the European Patent Office. Currently experimenting with custom Generative AI and Augmented Reality, Arup crafts immersive experiences that redefine reality, pushing the limits of interactive expression. Collaborating with hi-tech companies, governmental institutions, and NGOs and pushing artistic boundaries, Arup stands as a visionary at the nexus of art and technology.

At the JIO World Convention Centre in Mumbai there will be also at display a number of pictures of the AI generated portrait exhibition “Not A Photograph”. 

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