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Atmospheric and meditative

Being surrounded by nature while growing up in the Indian state of West Bengal has had a direct impact on Paul's work.

His work is frequently characterized by a strong feeling of atmosphere and an introspective, meditative tone, and several of his large compositions feature stunning north German sky with its full dramatic palette.

He is recognized for his expressive and dazzling use of color as well as for his ability to capture the changing qualities of light and mood in his landscape works.

Like many other contemporary artists, Paul was also mesmerized and deeply touched by the masterwork of Claude Monet and his signature style, loose, expressive brushstrokes, and vibrant, luminous colors.

Paul’s pieces are infused with Monet’s emotion with their own narrative experiment resulting in a very personal, contemporary impressionist body of work. 

Anselm Kiefer, one of the most respected contemporary German artists, has also had an impact on Paul. Paul finds inspiration in Kiefer’s use of a wide variety of mediums and techniques, as well as his work’s scale and philosophy towards color. Kiefer’s use of art as a platform to address a range of issues, including environmental activism, immigration, and the refugee crisis has a mark on Paul’s work. 

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