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GenAI’s Creative Revolution: Unleashing Visual Storytelling Like Never Before

JIO World Convention Centre B Block Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Keynote Speaker at the Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum 2024in Mumbai / IndiaAI can be a powerful tool for creativity, art, and expression. In this session, we will explore how GenAI can maximize our creative prowess in crafting visual stories, music, and art, elevating the…

Themenfestival #1: Artificial Intelligence

SPACE Hamburg Am Sandtorkai 27, Hamburg

Themenfestival #1: Artificial Intelligence at the Space Hamburg The theme festival is a week-long festival for the media and digital sector. On several stages, visitors can find out everything about the topic of artificial intelligence, exchange ideas and learn from each other in workshops, keynote…

Uncontrolled Lines – Live-Art-Music-Performance and Exhibition

KulturWerk Rahlstedt Boizenburger Weg 7, Hamburg

Live-Performance with Art and MusicLook forward to an evening of Indian music and an art performance by the Hamburg-based Indian artist Arup J. Paul.ImprovisationThe live art-music-performance shows how the arts can inspire one another in improvisation and how new, unexpected and surprising works and moments…

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